Vehicle Versus Pedestrian on Mission Street

Woman Transported to Nearby Hospital After Being Hit

A vehicle hit a pedestrian in the crosswalk at Mound Avenue and Mission Street in South Pasadena on Friday night, bringing paramedics and police department officials quickly to the scene.

Authorities were at the site of the accident within minutes following the incident, which took place at about 6 p.m. in front of City Hall, adjacent both the local police and fire departments.

SPPD Officer Jeff Holland said a female pedestrian was headed north in the crosswalk when the Hyandai, traveling westbound in the No. 2 lane, struck her.

Holland said the motorist didn’t see the pedestrian, who was knocked to the ground, until the last second.

“Upon arrival, we found the woman on the sidewalk,” explained Captain Eric Zanteson, of the South Pasadena Fire Department. “Talking to witnesses, is sounds like she was bumped by vehicle, got up.”

The pedestrian was treated at the scene before paramedics transported her to the Huntington Memorial Hospital “as a result for the potential of the injuries associated with getting knocked down the way she did,” he said. “It appears to be minor injuries.”

  • : Woman Transported to Nearby Hospital After Being Hit
  • : Text and Photos by Bill Glazier
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