South Pas Police Stress Importance of Wearing Helmets

Bike patrolA group of South Pasadena Police Department officers showed up at Marengo Elementary School on Friday to remind students the importance of wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle.

“When you’re riding with your mom and dad, you should ask them why they don’t have their helmet on,” South Pasadena Police Department Sergeant Matt Ronnie told the group of kids, stressing the point that it’s also important for adults to wear helmets. “They set the example.”

Ronnie told the students that his own children don’t sit on a bicycle without wearing a helmet.

The importance of wearing a helmet goes beyond those riding bikes, insisted Ronnie. “The next time you think about some of your sports heroes required to wear a helmet, if you don’t see them wearing one the game stops,” he explained. “The game stops for you too if you’re not wearing a helmet when riding a bike.”

Looking on as Sergeant Matt Ronnie talked to the kids assembled in the playground area during the weekly Friday assembly at the school was City Councilman Michael Cacciotti, who said the officers’ presence was part of the local police department’s outreach into the community. “They’re building a relationship with the kids, parents and school district to improve public safety in the city of South Pasadena,” explained Cacciotti. “You can really see the excitement in the kids’ faces. When the police rode up on their bikes, it proves that they are so much more approachable rather than being in patrol cars. It’s great for all these officers to be participating in our bike patrol program.”

  • : By Bill Glazier Review Editor