Sexual Assault Suspect Arrested by South Pasadena Police

Neart Rite Aid Store on Fair Oaks Avenue in City

South Pasadena Police arrested a 22-year-old man from Pasadena on Wednesday on sexual assault charges at Rite Aid pharmacy on Fair Oaks Avenue.

In early March, police officers investigated a a reported sexual assault at Rite Aid in the 900 block of Fair Oaks Avenue, in South Pasadena.

According to police, on March 5, the suspect, Ismael Villarreal, entered the store and approached a female employee who was stocking shelves.

Police say Villarreal grabbed the victim from behind by the waist and quickly turned her around. The suspect, according to police, then thrust his hips into hers.

Authorities say the victim pushed Villarreal and quickly walked away towards other employees who called the police. Police say Villarreal then exited the store and fled the area.

Officers checked the area but were unable to locate the suspect. The victim told officers that she did not know Villarreal.

On March 26, at about 4:18 p.m., Villarreal entered the same Rite-Aid store and began walking around.

Store employees recognized Villarreal and contacted the police. While employees were on the phone with police, Villarreal fled. Responding officers located Villarreal about a block away and detained him.

The suspect was positively identified by the victim at a curbside lineup. Villarreal was arrested for the sexual assault and also for a “No Bail” felony warrant for grand theft auto.

  • : Neart Rite Aid Store on Fair Oaks Avenue in City