Replacing Shapiro Won’t Be an Easy Task

Talking About Idea Candidate to Lead SPUSD

ShapiroWith a strong school board and solid district personnel already in place, Joel Shapiro is confident the South Pasadena Unified School District will land a top-notch superintendent by early next year.

Shapiro, who was hired as SPUSD Superintendent in December 2009, announced his retirement on Monday, but plans to stay on until late February, long enough to meet his successor.

Asked who the ideal person will be to guide the progress of the district following his

“I’ll start with somebody a little younger,” said the 65-year-old Shapiro, whose departure revolves around back problems, which he said have worsened over the past two years. “I’d recommend somebody whose career path would allow them to stay for a number of years.”

Other than that, explained Shapiro, the district should hire someone “who cares and understands the people here,” he added. “I never think it’s a good idea for somebody to come into a new position already deciding which changes need to take place. We need somebody who sees what is already in place, understands the good programs, then work with our staff to make any positive changes. The superintendent’s driving force should be continuous improvement – motivating people to constantly get better at delivering services that will benefit our students.”


  • : Talking About Idea Candidate to Lead SPUSD
  • : By Bill Glazier Review Editor
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