Memories of 2013 Secured in Time Capsule at Museum

IMG_1341Community members, including the City Council and Board of Education, some delivering speeches to highlight the occasion, helped send artifacts of present day South Pasadena forward into the future, and were asked to stay afterward and watch  Steven Spielberg’s movie classic “Back to the Future” last Saturday afternoon at the Iron Works Museum in South Pasadena.
It was all part of an historical and memorable day marking the city’s past and future.
A large gathering turned out as representatives from the South Pasadena Preservation Foundation filled a time capsule with momentos as part of South Pasadena’s 125th birthday celebration, then lowered it into the ground next to the museum. The capsule included artifacts of life in South Pasadena in 2013 that will be opened on the city’s bicentennial celebration in 2088.
Some of the artifacts and documentation of South Pasadena life during the city’s 125th year included South Pasadena Middle School and High School yearbooks for 2013; copies of each issue of this year’s South Pasadena Review; Jeff Burke’s “Mission Street Memories” photomural; several books about South Pasadena history; and a photo album of South Pasadena Centennial homes with the preservation stewards who are helping to assure the homes will be in fine shape at the bicentennial.
Glen Duncan contributed to this story.

  • : By Bill Glazier Review Editor
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