Meet the South Pas City Council Candidates

Gearing Up for Forum on October 8

CandidatesCity Council candidates in the upcoming municipal election will face off in a public forum next month.

The event will take place Tuesday, October 8, from 7 to 9:30 p.m. in the

Amedee O. “Dick” Richards, Jr.  Council Chambers, 1414 Mission Street.

A free “Meet the Candidates” reception will be held at Reimagine Your Home, slated from 6 to 7 p.m., at 1518 Mission Street, in South Pasadena.

Four candidates are seeking two seats on the council including incumbents Michael Cacciotti and Philip Putnam and challengers Diane Mahmud and Alan Reynolds.

The forum is an opportunity for voters to see and hear a variety of views.  Questions on major business issues will be posed to each candidate.  A brief presentation will be made by each of the candidates for City Treasurer and City Clerk, who are running unopposed.

For those unable to attend, the event can be viewed at: the following day.

The event is hosted by Mamma’s Brick Oven Pizza & Pasta and Reimagine Your Home.

The following are statements by each of the candidates:

Michael Cacciotti

Thanks for your support over the last twelve years. I’ve worked hard to keep our city fiscally sound, rebuild our infrastructure, stop the 710 Freeway, improve our environment, and build up our your and senior programs. Our progress in achieving many of these goals is due in large part to my success in obtaining funds from federal and state governments and regional agencies to benefit South Pasadena.

My goal for this term is to continue doing more of the same, heeding your concerns, representing your values, and championing your call to:

•Continue fiscal responsibility

•Rebuild crumbling infrastructure

•Assure that no freeway extension will cut through or under our community

•Maintain small-town character through sustainable growth.

•Continue to improve excellent city services for residents.

•Continue to improve and protect the environment to create a healthier, more beautiful community.

•Continue to support existing merchants while allowing our business district to grow successfully and sustainably.

•Continue to promote light rail, clean freight trains, and pedestrian/bike-friendly alternatives to expensive, polluting and tunnels.

If elected, I’ll continue to exercise sound judgement and use experience I’ve gained to achieve these mutual goals.

Diana Mahmud

I’m running because I love this community, and I believe we can make it even better with some fresh ideas and new skills on our City Council. I have the time, experience and ability to be a vigorous representative of – and advocate for – the people of South Pasadena.

City business should be conducted openly and with respect for the opinions fo all residents. I’ll work to streamline our public and business processes – not only for greater economy, but also to ensure transparency and accountability.

My legal career was spent analyzing water and power issues, including major public works projects, so I have extensive experience with public contracts. I know how to spot potential problems, save taxpayers money, and make sure limited resources are spent effectively and efficiently.

As Chair of the Water Council, and a member of the Natural Resources and Environmental Commission, I understand the environmental challenges facing South Pasadena. I will strongly oppose the 710 freeway extension in any form. Also, I’ll work to revitalize our tax base while maintaining our small town character

With my skills and experience – and your vote – we can make South Pasadena an even better community.

Visit for more information.

Philip Putnam

There’s a reason a majority of the School Board, community leaders, elected officials and others who love South Pasadena have endorsed me. The reason? Proven leadership – through experience, common sense, hard work and dedication.

Fiscal Responsibility – Balanced budgets, while simultaneously tripling City budget reserves. All occurring during the worst fiscal crisis of our lifetimes.

Focus on Infrastructure – An aggressive program of street, sewer and water repairs that will fix our City’s aging infrastructure now – not later.

No710 – I was instrumental in developing the strategy that finally eliminated the 710 surface route. We are now focusing on strategies to eliminate the tunnel, and get the homes owned by Caltrans released.

Openness and Transparency – New City Website, webcasts of City meetings, and expanded services for seniors and the disabled.

Community Services – Spearheaded the Youth House, Healing Garden, and expanded services for seniors and the disabled.

Family and Community – My wife Lori and I both attended USC, and have lived in South Pasadena for over 30 years. Our three children all attended public schools. As an experienced C.P.A., business lawyer, Judge Pro Tem, and long time community leader, I will continue to work hard to make our City better for all.

Alan Reynolds

We, the South Pasadena Community, deserve as comprehensive a Council as possible, speaking with as diverse and dynamic a viewpoint as is available, to represent our breadth of people.

South Pasadena is home. The community where I grew up, played sports and went to school; where my children will do these things. I want to give back and give the voice of South Pasadena, its Council, additional perspective. My engineering and business background bring a problem solving & discussion method of looking for solutions and alternative points of view. Formerly a Parks and Recreation Commissioner, currently Vice Chair on Freeway & Transportation, I have gained experience on the City’s internal mechanism.

•Maintain local community focus.
•Vigilance against 710 Freeway/Tunnel.
•Support quality schools.
•Lean, efficient, fiscally responsible government, emphasizing public safety and transparency.
•Prepare for City Pension changes.
•Proactive infrastructure repairs/renovations based on merit/need.
•Work to revitalize Rialto, a South Pasadena landmark.
•Ensure downtown revitalization project is up to date with current wants and needs.
•Advance community focused open spaces in public areas.

I hope that you will join me in building a more diverse council and consider voting for me as one of your two selections.  

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