Many Movies Shot at South Pasadena Homes

City has 'Everywhere in the country' Look

With its tree-lined streets and beautifully restored Craftsman-style homes, South Pasadena continues to be a favorite location to film movies and take photographs for magazine advertising.
Location managers like the city’s “anywhere in the U.S.A. look.
Often you’ll hear: “What was shot on that corner or over on that street?
With the help of Joan Aguado, the city of South Pasadena film liaison, the South Pasadena Review will provide information on “shoots” in the city to keep you informed.
Here’s what was shot recently in South Pasadena:


9/25 Still Photo “Disney Channel” 1100 block of Fairview

9/27 TV Commercial “DirecTV” 1400 block of Garfield

9/30 TV Commercial “Virgin Mobile” Glendon Way & 1100 block El Centro

9/30-10/1 TV Show “Ancient Aliens” 800 block of Mission

10/1 Feature Film “Alexander & the Terrible, Horrible” 1000 block of Buena Vista, Stars Jennifer Garner & Steve Carrell

10/4 Commercial “Home Depot” 2000 block of Edgewood Drive

10/4 Commercial “CVS” 1102 Oxley

10/7 TV Show “Parenthood” 1900 block of La France. 1500 block of Mission, 1400 block of Oneonta Knoll

10/8 Still Photo “AT&T” 400 block of Arroyo

10/8 TV Show “Kirby Buckets” Library Park

10/9-10 Commercial “Pandora” Jewelry 400 block of Oaklawn

10/10 Reality Show “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory” 1000 block of Mission

10/11 &12 TV Pilot “Tyrant” 1400 block of Laurel

10/15 Commercial “Halos” Tangerines 1000 block of Buena Vista

10/18 Commercial “Tide” 1700 block of Laurel

10/22 Commercial “Nickelodeon” 400 block of Oaklawn

10/29 Commercial “Liberty Mutual” 1800 block of Camden Avenue

10/30 TV Show “Twisted” 1000 block of El Centro, 400 block of Oaklawn, 1500 block of Mission

11/1 Commercial “Smuckers” 800 block of Adelaine

For more information, call (626) 403-6847.

  • : City has 'Everywhere in the country' Look