Jeff Burke Creates Mission Street Scroll

Many in attendance at Saturday’s Arts Crawl, a night bent on showing the creative talents of community members, were treated to what Jeff Burke admits was a “labor of love.”
Thrilled by his effort, supporters of the project – curiosity drawing a bulk of the crowd – drifted in and out of the courtyard at South Pasadena City Hall to see what the local resident has been up to the past four months.
What they found was the 38-foot “Mission Street Scroll,” showing a multitude of photos of businesses along the city’s historic district. Digitally assembled, the massive streetscape provided a unique story telling aspect that included the public.
Given pens and markers, those taking it all in were asked to leave their thoughts behind on the lengthy photo montage that will soon be buried in a time capsule with other notable  treasures as the city continues to celebrate its 125th birthday.
“This is my own self-directed project that is not about serious fine art,” explained Burke, a professional photographer. “It’s about my hometown. I’m really happy to do something that is community oriented that allows me to use all the photo skills I have. I loved this project.”
Young and old were busy putting their John Hancock on Burke’s masterpiece as the artist behind the project thanked many in the crowd for coming to the Saturday night event.
Watching a young girl sign the scroll, Burke said, “I’m encouraging all the young kids to write their names and age down and be a part of it. They are the ones who may be around in 75 years when they pull the time capsule out of the ground.”
What? The artist isn’t going to be around for South Pasadena’s 200th birthday in 2088?
“I’ll be 130 years old and I plan on being here,” Burke quipped.

  • : By Bill Glazier Review Editor