Dodger Blue Reaches Second Grade Classroom

Teacher Holly Lang has Collection of Bobbleheads

A self-professed Dodger maniac, Holly Lang’s passion for the Dodgers goes back to growing up in South Pasadena, playing sports and participating in the local Little League program.

“I love them,” says the enthusiastic Marengo Elementary School second grade teacher.

Her interest level is so deep-rooted that during recess on Thursday, Lang and her students watched the 9th inning when the Dodgers clinched the National League West title with a 7-6 victory over Arizona.

A day later, her 24 students celebrated by wearing Dodger Blue to school and gathered for a photo while holding one of many bobbleheads and other team collectibles she has in her classroom.

Lang began picking up the items at Dodger games about 10 years and the collection has grown substantially over the years as teachers, staff, students and parents started bringing them to her after word about her loyalty toward to the team.

The upbeat, charismatic teacher with a bright smile, keeps the collection on one shelf near the door of room 8 on campus to promote teamwork and sportsmanship while encouraging students to make healthy choices in life.

It’s also “something outside of school work,” explained Lang, who seems to make learning fun at every opportunity for her students.

Her favorite Dodger is outfielder Matt Kemp, affectionately known as “The Beast,” but she admits newcomer Yasiel Puig has made an impression on her, too, while suggesting that even young superstars have some growing up to do. “He is learning right now,” Lang said, “but like school, maybe he will learn.”

Kemp sets a good example for others, in her mind, because “he’s a good sport and we love to watch him play and hit home runs,” said Lang.

For now, she and her students will continue to root on her favorite club as the regular season winds down and the postseason quickly approaches.

Lang is all in thinking this year the club will win its first World Series title since 1988.

And to prove it, on cue, she’s got her students saying, “Go Dodgers!”

  • : Teacher Holly Lang has Collection of Bobbleheads
  • : By Bill Glazier Review Editor