Candy Alternatives for Halloween: Sweet!

Concerned About the Candy Menace?

When the twinkling Christmas lights, gleaming garlands and animatronic reindeer go on display at Home Depot, it could only mean one thing:  Halloween is almost... More »

Members of the California Transportation Commission (CTC)

October 8, 2014 Dear Honorable Chair and Members of the California Transportation Commission (CTC), The City of South Pasadena (City) would like to thank the... More »

Educated Workers: Key To Economic Growth

Educated workers are the key to sustained economic growth. Graduation rates are beginning to rise but too many youth still lag behind. In the San... More »

Thanks for Honoring Me

Letter to the Editor: I would like to thank Mayor Marina Khubesrian M.D., Mayor Pro Tem Robert S. Joe, and the South Pasadena City Council... More »

Concerned About Maintaining Small Town Charm

Letter to the Editor: I was very concerned about the future of our city and the ability to maintain our small town charm and character... More »

Doesn’t Agree with Dual Language Immersion Program

Letter to the Editor: On September 18, the Review published a front page article about the proposed Dual Language Immersion Program (DLIP), starting in Kindergarten.... More »

Concerned He Never Heard Response from City Hall

Letter to the Editor: I was quite surprised to see that City Manager Sergio Gonzalez had found time to respond to a to a letter... More »


(Printed in The Quarterly Magazine Fall 2014 issue) It is believed that North America was initially settled through a continuous influx of people from Asia... More »

We All Must Conserve During Drought

Did you know that two-thirds of a typical home’s water consumption is used outdoors?  South Pasadena residents can reduce water every day, not just during... More »

Shocked and Heart Broken by the Events of the Past Few Days.

Letter to the Community: On behalf of the Board of Education, we, along with you, have felt shocked and heart broken by the events of... More »

In good news about L.A. River, what about Arroyo Seco?: Guest commentary

For local residents who shared the recent excitement about the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers billion-dollar restoration plan for the Los Angeles River and wondered... More »