Shocked and Heart Broken by the Events of the Past Few Days.

Together We Can Stand - School district, Police and Community Members - Unified!

Letter to the Community: On behalf of the Board of Education, we, along with you, have felt shocked and heart broken by the events of... More »

In good news about L.A. River, what about Arroyo Seco?: Guest commentary

For local residents who shared the recent excitement about the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers billion-dollar restoration plan for the Los Angeles River and wondered... More »

Superintendent and Principal Janet Anderson Reach Out to Community

Letter to the Community, We hope this message finds you well.  As you know from yesterday’s Superintendent’s message and from the vast media coverage, we... More »

South Pasadena Celebrates Kings’ Stanley Cup Title

South Pasadena played a part in the Los Angeles Kings’ Stanley Cup championship as local motorists celebrated by honking horns along major thoroughfares in town.... More »

60,000 Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces Sleep in Homeless Shelters

Letter the Editor: On any given evening, more than 60,000 veterans of the U.S. armed forces sleep in homeless shelters or on the streets of... More »

Let’s Talk About the Well Being of Our Students

May is Mental Health Month as well as Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and there is no better time to talk about the wellbeing of... More »

Pink Van on Fair Oaks Avenue Needs to Go

As residents of South Pasadena, we would like to express our  concern about the vans being used to advertise “Topless Maids,” which have been parked... More »

Stressing the Need for More Massage Parlors

With the recent Grand Opening of Massage Envy, the question has to be asked again: “Does South Pasadena really need one more massage parlor?”  The... More »

Study Suggests ‘Grit” Can be Developed

What makes one business person successful while another in the same business fails? Why do students with the same backgrounds perform so differently on difficult... More »

Trading a Desk Job for One in the Vineyards

Finding Shane Finley was easy. Via email, we planned to meet for lunch at Bourbon Steak in Washington, D.C., a restaurant that’s housed at the... More »

Meet Organic Farmers Weekly at Our Market

Take your pick of amazing organic farmers and vendors in our Farmers’ Market these days. We’ve got plenty. A pledge the Chamber of Commerce made... More »

Thanks Holden and Cacciotti for Their Dedicated Effort

Letter to the Editor: I want to express a hearty thank you to South Pasadena Councilmember Michael Cacciotti and Assembly member Chris Holden for their... More »

Will Miss Former Athletic Director Ralph Punaro

Letter to the Editor: Though relatively small in size but a giant in stature, a legendary figure has left our midst. It is with much... More »

Responding to Editorial by Mayor Khubesrian, M.D.

I applaud Mayor Marina Khubesrian’s efforts to bring an end to the proliferation of questionable massage businesses that now plague our city and many others... More »

Six Massage Parlors in City are Suspected of Illicit Activity

Local governments across the state have been negatively impacted as a result of the unintended consequences of SB 731 (Oropeza, 2008) dealing with the voluntary... More »

Thoughts on Potential for Pavilions Redeveloping

At a recent community meeting, representatives from Safeway introduced preliminary plans for redeveloping the South Pas Pavilions site. They expressed the reasonable desire to combine... More »

Pujayana Did Not Mention a Key Flu Vaccine

In Adrian Pujayana’s recent “Staying Healthy” column, he described his harrowing experience with influenza. I agree with the need to remain vigilant. As an infectious... More »

Congratulations to SPHS’s Girls’ Basketball Team

I would like to commend the girls’ basketball team and their coach, Tammy Lai, for an excellent season. Unfortunately, their season was curtailed Saturday after... More »

Spending Hits New High in SoPas School District

For the past months, the school board has been reporting that the district has been running in the red (at a deficit).  This all came... More »

It’s Cold Inside SoPas City Council Chambers

I had an interesting situation occur which I thought I would share with my South Pasadena neighbors. I attended a City Council Meeting and it... More »

Family Fair Part of Community Since 1972

Clara Richards and her family moved to South Pasadena in 1952. They have been ingrained within our community since. Clara’s shop, “Family Fair,” has been... More »

We Don’t Need 3-Hour Parking Limit Signs in Residential Area

Presidents Day I saw a car (not mine) where I live on the 1000 block of Magnolia Street getting a parking ticket for exceeding the... More »

Bulb-outs in SoPas – To Be or Not to Be?

At the February 19,  City Council meeting, one of the agenda items was a discussion of the bulb-outs on Fair Oaks Avenue.  When I was... More »

Satisfactory Options Available for Less than $10.

“Although modern consumers are far more concerned about the origins of their food than they once were, keenly eyeing the source of that organic spinach,... More »

A Boutique focusing on the 60s and 70s Eras

Calling all vintage fanatics!  Moss & Ginger provides the South Pasadena community with a wide array of vintage merchandise and handmade items.  Owners Joel and... More »

Thoughts on Proposed Pavilions Expansion Effort

Letter to the Editor: At a recent community meeting, representatives from Safeway introduced preliminary plans for redeveloping the South Pas Pavilions site. They expressed the... More »

White Lab Coats and More at Marengo

The word “science” conjures many images.   This includes white lab coats, bubbling beakers, test tubes, microscopes, and even telescopes.  For others, it comprises the periodic... More »

Five Habits of Successful Exercisers to Help You Get in Shape

As the new year swings into high gear, many residents will be making health resolutions.  Why is it that, for most people, the best intentions... More »

Give Seaford a Chance and Save $19,000

Joel Shapiro will retire in about a month and a half.  We have been fortunate to have such an outstanding superintendent. Let’s not forget where... More »

In 2014, Drink Something Old and Something New

January is the perfect time to reflect on the previous year and make resolutions for the new one. For those of us who take wine... More »

We are Extremely Proud of this Year’s Entry

Another parade has come and gone.  Although we didn’t win a banner for our efforts, we are extremely proud of this year’s entry “Intergalactic Vacation.” ... More »

Visit Farmers’ Market for a Healthy 2014

Even the most conscientious among us are prone to a little seasonal overindulgence. During the holidays, it is sometimes difficult to avoid the extra cookie... More »

We’d Like to Walk on SPHS Track During Soccer Games

Letter to the Editor: This letter is written representing numerous residents and SPHS alumns who use the high school track to exercise. Many of us... More »

Reflecting on His School Board Term

We asked David Adelstein to reflect on his term as a member of the School Board. He decided not to run for reelection this November.... More »

Calling on the Community for Support

The South Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association is seeking your support. As in years past, we have turned to community members like you to help... More »

Letter to the Editor:

On a personal note: I have been a great admirer of Sally Kilby during city clerk tenure. In my 46 year affiliation with the cCty... More »

State Needs to Put Out the Welcome Sign

California has more manufacturing jobs than any other state in the country. While many jobs have disappeared – victims of off-shore relocations, wooed by other... More »

Carole Gallegos Is Recognized as One of the Best

The South Pasadena Farmers’ Market was voted Best Evening Farmers’ Market of 2013, as reported by LA Weekly columnist Christine Chaio, while LA Weekly’s Jill... More »

Focus on Creativity, Critical Thinking

California schools will benefit from a funding bump next year.  This additional funding will help districts implement the new Common Core State Standards while working... More »

We All Have So Much to Be Thankful For

As we approach the holiday season, I know that we all have so much to be thankful for. I know that as the chief of... More »

Controversy Will Always Follow JFK’s Death

I add my voice to the hundreds of others demanding that the government finally release the thousands of documents yet in government, mostly CIA, vaults... More »

Kermit Lynch’s Journey of Wine Discovery

When I wrote the book,” explained wine merchant Kermit Lynch, “I thought the oenologists were going to take over.” We were chatting about Adventures on... More »

We’re Fortunate to Have a Huge Talent

Long-time South Pasadena resident bassist Putter Smith is a musical product of the diversity that defines Los Angeles Metropolitan area.  In a career that spans... More »

Historic shift in California’s Funding System

The historic shift in California’s funding system for public education has brought us some new acronyms. We have been talking about the LCFF for some... More »

It’s Truly One Amazing Story

I have the best job in the world. Being a teacher at South Pasadena High School, I have the privilege of seeing many things, some... More »

Already Thinking About 2015 TOR Entry

September and October has been a busy couple of months for us here with our South Pasadena float. We had our float kick-off party at... More »

Review Editor Touched by High Honor

Bill Glazier, editor of the South Pasadena Review, also earned a Community Champion Award last Saturday night during the Kiwanis Club’s 90 Years of Memories... More »

Sally Kilby Talks About City Clerk Role

Sally Kilby, city clerk for the City of South Pasadena, earned a Community Champion Award last Saturday night during the Kiwanis Club’s 90 Years of... More »

It’s Part of American Cultural Landscape

Winter squash abounds at the South Pasadena Farmers’ Market these days, and now’s the time to try something new. Pumpkins, probably the most ubiquitous winter... More »

Diana Mahmud is Clear Thinking, Fair Minded

  Letter to the Editor: Diana Mahmud is the kind of clear thinking, fair-minded person needed on City Council to make the difficult decisions facing... More »

Diana Mahmud – a Fresh Voice and Perspective

Letter to the Editor: I have had the pleasure of coming to know Diana Mahmud through our service on the Water Council and the Natural... More »

Want Others to Reelect Philip Putnam for City

I strongly endorse Philip Putnam for city council, one of our city’s most effective council members, not only because he has great leadership qualities:  He... More »

Supporting Diana Mahmud for City Council

It is with great pleasure that I write this in endorsement of Diana Mahmud for City Council. Everyone running has a love for this city,... More »

Wants Dr. Abajian’s Voice on the School Board

Dr, Suzie Abajian is the right choice for our district. As a resident of South Pasadena, a parent whose child attended SPUSD schools, and a... More »

Voting for Elisabeth Eilers and Michele Kipke Nov. 5

Voters have three votes to cast for the School Board this November. I strongly urge you to cast two of those votes to return Elisabeth... More »

Diana Mahmud will Fight to Oppose 710 Tunnel

How much weight should we place in the endorsements of candidates for South Pasadena City Council?  With the issue of the 710 freeway/tunnel hanging like... More »

Response to Letter from Silverthorn Regarding Mahmud and NREC

Letter to the Editor: I am writing in response to the letter to the editor from John Silverthorn regarding Diana Mahmud’s alleged actions at meetings... More »

Election Day Quickly Approaching

  Letter to the Editor: Thank you so much for your help and support during the past few months.  I have met so many wonderful... More »

Eilers is Thoughtful, Compassionate and Intelligent

Eight years ago, I became a part of a parent group that wanted a better education for students in the School District.  I joined Better Education... More »

Michael Cacciotti is Concerned About Environment

When I first learned about council-member Michael Cacciotti’s ability to connect to our diverse community, it was when my son, Diego Zavala, 9 years old... More »

Says Putnam Should be Reelected to City Council

South Pasadena is my home, a safe haven from the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles where I work. What brought me here was its small-town... More »

Abajian has Right Qualifications for School Board

Dr. Suzie Abajian is an outstanding choice for Board of Education.  Her candidacy brings two distinct advantages to the race: first, her unique educational qualifications; ... More »

Supporting Michele Kipke for School Board Nov. 5

I support Michele Kipke for School Board. She has already proven herself to be a strong intelligent board member. Michele looks out for the best... More »

Mahmud Excels in Leadership and Competence

I am strongly supportive of Diana’s candidacy for City Council primarily because our city needs her abilities. Based on her excellent analytical skills and strategic... More »

Says Silverthorn’s Comments are Mistaken

Mr. Silverthorn is entitled to his personal views regarding me and his intended vote. However, this does not provide him license to make inaccurate statements... More »

Holds Opposing View of Diana Mahmud

Letter to the Editor: Having observed, as a member, Diana Mahmud’s recent actions on the City of South Pasadena Environmental and Natural Resources Commission that... More »

Putnam’s Statement Revealed Personal Matters

Letter to the Editor: At the candidates forum on October 3, the candidates were asked whether the nonrenewal of former Police Chief Dan Watson’s contract... More »

Giulioni Highly Qualified for Our School Board

SPSUD awarded Julie Giulioni its top honor, the Golden Apple, for her many contributions and countless hours of work for SPSUD.  Giulioni has volunteered 9... More »

Asking SoPas Resident to Reelect Michele Kipke

Michele Kipke has the wisdom of her years of experience on the SPUSD Board of Education and has proven leadership.  The Board and the Superintendent... More »

Mahmud is Ideal Candidate for City Council

Diana Mahmud is an ideal candidate for City Council. As a fellow member of the community garden ad hoc committee I had the pleasure of... More »

Putnam is Honest, Hardworking and Professional

I have known and worked with Philip Putnam for many, many years.  I have had the opportunity to work with him on a variety of... More »

Voting for Kipke, Eilers and Giulioni on Nov. 5

In a time of transition it is best to go with the tried and true — that’s why I’m voting for Michele Kipke, Elisabeth Eilers... More »

Believe Incumbent Michael Cacciotti has Integrity

We are supporting Michael Cacciotti for re-election to City Council on November 5. We’ve known Michael and have worked closely with him since 2007, including... More »

Urging Others to Reelect Eilers for School Board

I am writing this letter to urge you to vote for Elisabeth Eilers for School Board.  We served together on the board for four years,... More »

I Am Voting for Rey Ramirez and You Should Too

I am writing in support of Rey Ramirez, a retired educator, for the election to the South Pasadena Unified School District Board of Education.  As a... More »

Believes Michael Cacciotti has Integrity

We are supporting Michael Cacciotti for re-election to City Council on November 5. We’ve known Michael and have worked closely with him since 2007, including... More »

Favors Diana Mahmud

As a neighbor and friend, Gary and I are supporting Diana Mahmud for election to the City Council. Graduating from UCLA with a major in... More »

What I know About Councilman Philip Putnam

  I’ll tell you what I know about Philip Putnam. As the city council’s liaison to the city’s Finance Committee, I’ve watched him be a... More »

Diana Mahmud Served Well on Water Council

  Diana Mahmud chaired the South Pasadena Water Council in 2010-11. As a member of the Council, I had the opportunity of working with her... More »

Endorsing Julie Guilioni and Dr. Suzie Abajian

Julie Guilioni has been a strong supporter of public education for years.  Mrs. Guilioni has been highly involved with both the PTA and SPEF and... More »

Michele Kipke Clear Choice for School Board

I have had the good fortune to be on the school board with Michele Kipke. In 2008 a position on the board opened up, and... More »

Hopes Others will Vote for Julie Giulioni Nov. 5

Please join us in voting very enthusiastically for Julie Giulioni. Julie is a person of great intelligence, integrity and generosity, and we believe that her... More »

For Healthier Environment Vote for Cacciotti

For a healthier environment, re-elect Michael Cacciotti to City Council November 5. Michael’s been an air quality leader fighting for clean transportation— trains and rapid... More »

Wants Philip Putnam for South Pas City Council

Letter to the Editor: Fiercely independent, thoughtful, genuine, intelligent, professional, reasonable, open-minded and caring: these are the words that come to mind when I think... More »

President’s State of the Schools Report

A new school year begins, and as School Board President I’m pleased to report that the state of our School District remains remarkably strong, despite... More »

Perseverance Pays Off for Mission Framing

Olaf and Helga Weidekat have been a part of the South Pasadena community, since 1989.  They started out owning a franchise of FastFrame, a framing... More »

Candidates Asked About Dan Watson

Letter to the Editor: At the candidates’ forum on October 3, the candidates were asked whether the non-renewal of former Police Chief Dan Watson’s contract... More »

Reelect Kipke to School Board

  Letter to the Editor: Michele Kipke has the wisdom of her years of experience on the SPUSD Board of Education and has proven leadership.  The... More »

Voting for Diana Mahmud Nov. 5

Letter to the Editor: As a neighbor and friend, Gary and I are supporting Diana Mahmud for election to the City Council. Graduating from UCLA... More »

Re-elect Philip Putnam for City Council

Fiercely independent, thoughtful, genuine, intelligent, professional, reasonable, open-minded and caring: these are the words that come to mind when I think of Philip Putnam, who... More »

Does Our District Need Dual-Immersion?

Last Tuesday, the South Pasadena School Board met to discuss the possibility of introducing a dual-language immersion program. With school board elections looming in November,... More »

Cru Beaujolais: Fresh, Vibrant and Perfect

All wines are appropriate for all seasons. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a simple white or crisp rosé in the winter and big reds work... More »

Eat Healthy, Help Reduce Oil Consumption

Each food item in a typical U.S. meal has travelled an average of 1500 miles to get to our tables. That means most Americans put... More »

See You at Heartstrings Benefit Concert

The San Gabriel Valley is home to a stellar musical legacy, a rich heritage of singers, musicians, songwriters and standout artists in a wide array... More »

Plans to Vote for Diana Mahmud Nov. 5th

We are supporting Diana Mahmud for City Council in the November 5th election because she is a woman of intelligence, ability, and compassion. She has... More »

T. Coleman and J. Grancich

Rey Ramirez for South Pasadena School Board? This is an important question. The credentials and proficiency that candidate Rey Ramirez will bring to the school... More »

See You at Heartstrings Benefit Concert on Oct. 16.

The San Gabriel Valley is home to a stellar musical legacy, a rich heritage of singers, musicians, songwriters and standout artists in a wide array... More »

Candidates Must Ask About High Salaries

As the father of an 8th grader, I would like to congratulate the principal and staff for a great opening of South Pasadena Middle School.... More »

Supporting Julie Giulioni for School Board

Like so many other South Pasadena residents, my family and I moved here for the great schools.  We have three children in our local public... More »

Voting for Diana Mahmud in City Council Race

Across the county people are rolling up their sleeves and making hope happen! In South Pasadena, Diana Mahmud is one such person—she brings a fresh... More »

Voting for Michele Kipke Board of Education

I write this letter to seek your support for a friend and colleague, Michele Kipke. I first met Michele when we served on the  SPEF... More »

Re-elect Elisabeth Eilers to School Board

My three children went through our excellent schools and I had the great joy of teaching hundreds of students during my 25 years as a... More »

Letter to the Editor

I want to express our great appreciation for your taking the time (in 100 degree temp) to observe this important event, which I believe you... More »

Letter to the Editor

Like so many other South Pasadena residents, my family and I moved here for the great schools. We have three children in our local public... More »

Voting for Giulioni, Eilers and Kipke on November 5

Superintendent Joel Shapiro’s upcoming retirement this year, after 4 years of exemplary service to our district, makes the school board election this November even more... More »

Urging Others to re-elect Michele for School Board

Letter to the Editor: Kipke for kids! What a difference an articulate, knowledgeable, involved and dedicated board member makes in our community.  Her actions on... More »

Let’s Keep Michael Cacciotti Working for Us

Letter to the Editor: Like so many others, my wife and I moved to South Pasadena for very specific reasons; great neighborhoods, wonderful parks, well-maintained... More »

Voting for Eilers, Kipke, Giulioni in November

Letter to the Editor: I am writing in support of Elisabeth Eilers, Michele Kipke, and Julie Giulioni for election to the SPUSD Board of Education. ... More »

You Can Support SPEF’s Food for Thought

Brain food will be easily found throughout our town in just one week. It’s the South Pasadena Educational Foundation’s Food for Thought Restaurant Day on... More »

MTA Will Let Nothing Stand in the Way

The environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the “Gap Closure” project to connect the 710 South to the  I-210 is moving forward like a giant bulldozer.... More »

Tager Studio Enriching the Community

The very talented artist Pablo Picasso once stated, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”... More »

Kiwanis and Rotary – Ronald McDonald House

On the evening of September 12, the Rotary and Kiwanis Clubs of South Pasadena came together to host an outdoor picnic for the families staying... More »

Let’s Keep Michael Cacciotti Working for Us

Like so many others, my wife and I moved to South Pasadena for very specific reasons; great neighborhoods, wonderful parks, well-maintained streets. Fourteen years later... More »

Texting and Driving – It Can Wait

I usually share information that is directly related to our school district – student performance, district initiatives, budget information, etc.  However, there is nothing more... More »

‘Guess who’s Going to be Grand Marshal’ Marshal?’

Fifteen minutes before the Tournament of Roses press conference, I called my mother from Dodger Stadium last Thursday morning with the question, “Guess who’s going... More »

There’s a Wide Range of Talent in City

When my family moved to South Pasadena in 2001 we, like many, were attracted to the quality schools, the fighting spirit that kept the 710... More »

South Pasadena Pub has Ireland Feel

When I think of Kinsale, visions of quality pubs, picturesque scenery, and historic beauty dance in my head.  Kinsale, Ireland is in fact, a city... More »

It’s Time to Focus on Game Day Snacks

As we start to bid summer adieu, many football-loving families are ready to trade their swim trunks in for their favorite team’s jersey. When I... More »

Safety of Children Key Around Schools

With school back in session and children back on a regular schedule it may be a good time to evaluate what roles each of us... More »

50 Years Later, It’s Time to Stop Paying Lip Service to King’s Dream

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge... More »

How to Make Life Interesting

No matter your politics, religion or lifestyle, the maxim “all of life is a wager” is a reliable one, says Marshall Chamberlain, a self-described recluse... More »

“Somm” Captivates Viewers with Wine Evaluation

“Wine one is a white wine. It’s clear, star-bright, and there’s no evidence of gas or flocculation.” Some movies rely on grand battles and epic... More »

Is Yasiel Puig’s All-Star Bid The End of Civilization As We Know It?

If you don’t follow baseball, you may be unaware of the controversy simmering around Dodgers rookie Yasiel Puig. He came up from the minors less... More »

How are Jobs, Jobless Rates Calculated?

On the first Friday of every month, information about the number of jobs created or lost in the prior month and the current unemployment rate... More »

Letter to the Editor – Another Take on Parrots

  Letter to the Editor: Parrots do not know city boundaries, and Mr. Greg Kabealo (7-24 Letter) seems to think that these “pests from above”... More »

Learning the Autonomic Nervous System

Some people go through life with composure while raising small children, handling a stressful job and being a caregiver for an elderly parent.  Others get... More »

Mastering Life Balance: Achieving Greatness at Home and at Work

People are overwhelmed with the complexities of their own lives and are desperately seeking a way to maximize happiness in their home and work lives,... More »

Identifying Symptoms from its Cause Requires Listening Skills.

           The ability to listen is one of the most important skills of a healthcare practitioner.  Often, the doctor’s listening skills involves differentiating the words they... More »

Aerobic Exercise Plus Flexibility is Best

For most people, a basic aerobic program plus basic flexibility conditioning is best.   Aerobic means exercise that conditions the heart and lungs by increasing the... More »

Celebrating America’s Rhone Rangers in San Francisco

This week, more than 100 wine producers are gathering in San Francisco to celebrate America’s take on the 22 grape varieties originally made famous in... More »

Don’t Lose Your Money Again

If there’s one thing Americans have learned from the financial crisis of 2008, it’s that they do not want to lose their money – again... More »

Importance of Freight is Recognized

Trains, planes and automobiles – we need all kinds of transportation to meet the challenges of moving goods and services. This is especially true in... More »