ATP Training and Physical Therapy Now Open in City

GymATP Training and Physical Therapy celebrated their thirteenth year in South Pasadena with a complete remodel of their facility.  Not only does it look fresh and contemporary but they have added a variety of group classes guaranteed to get you into top shape.  The physical therapy clinic has benefited from the addition of new and exciting exercise modalities to aid in the rehab of orthopedic injuries.

ATP has been at the forefront of the Pilates industry for over thirteen years and has thirteen hundred square feet dedicated to that wonderful form of fitness.  But now they have another thirteen hundred square feet dedicated to group exercise classes designed to improve cardiovascular health, increase strength and shed pounds.

Besides Pilates, ATP now offers group exercise classes in TRX, Indo-Row, Booty Barre, and a circuit class they call Tidal Wave.  TRX is a system that utilizes straps to enable the participant to use their own body weight as the resistance to improve strength and coordination.  Indo-Row employs rowing machines called Water Rowers which utilize water as the resistance to get one of the best cardio workouts around in a group exercise setting.  Tidal Wave is a circuit class that uses the Water Rower in addition to a variety of strength training exercises like: TRX, battle ropes, kettle bells, and medicine balls.  All of these fitness classes offer a full body workout. 

The Booty Barre started right here in South Pasadena, created by our very own Tracey Mallett.  It has been deemed the best barre class around.  The Booty Barre has found roots all over the United States and the world including England, Spain, Australia, South Africa, Canada, and Japan.   Locals have the great opportunity to take Booty Barre classes in the place where it all started!  Space to all the group classes is limited so it is best to sign up early. 

Physical Therapists at ATP have always utilized Pilates and other more traditional exercises for rehab.  Now rehab at ATP also includes TRX with all of its benefits of stabilization and strengthening.   Also we incorporate the Water Rower for patients that require cardiovascular conditioning. 

ATP is located at 1944 Huntington Drive in South Pasadena and their phone number is (626) 403-6545, email:  If you would like to look up their web sites they are and