Are ‘Energy’ Drinks Really Good for You?

They Will Give You Temporary Boost

Power drinksEnergy drinks have become incredibly popular over the years, and come in many forms, brands, and sizes.  Most of these beverages contain various amounts of stimulants such as B vitamins, caffeine, and sugar.  Their intended effect is to bring about a temporary increase in alertness, stamina, and physical performance by elevating blood sugar levels while stimulating cellular metabolism and neurological activity.  Consuming these types of drinks bring about a temporary “boost” in energy, but with many consequences.

1.  Blood-sugar levels will rapidly elevate after consuming an energy drink, and the body will deplete itself below normal levels, causing a rapid energy low.  This “yo-yo” effect could cause you to consume another drink and inevitably feel sleepy afterwards from a sugar crash.

2.  Caffeine is highly addicting, and the effect is also temporary.  Physical performance usually improves with stimulants, but on the other hand, your body over-achieves physical performance to the point of injury.  Enhanced performance while on caffeine is likely to cause muscle and tendon injuries to go unnoticed because adrenaline and caffeine stimulation is working on overdrive.

3.  B vitamins are essential for many of the body’s cellular function and to prevent diseases.  In high doses, B vitamins stimulate cell metabolism, giving the sense of temporary alertness and vitality.

4.  Other ingredients from herbal stimulants (like guarana and ginseng) and amino acids (like carnitine and taurine) also produce a temporary “boost” in your energy to a level that is unsustainable under normal circumstances.

If you consume “energy” drinks or shots, ask yourself why you have “little” energy to begin with.  If you are overworked or overly committed, then give yourself permission to slow down before your body shuts you down.  Get more sleep, and if you wake before your alarm, stay in bed.  Make sure you eat breakfast and include a significant portion of protein.  Drink at least half your body’s weight in ounces of water whenever possible.  Take daily multivitamins to keep your immune system maintained. Energy drinks are generally safe, but don’t depend on your “energy” drinks and coffee as your main source of energy!

Dr. Adrian is a Chiropractor and a Strength and Conditioning Specialist in South Pasadena.  You can reach him for comments and questions at (626) 441 – 4888 or

  • : They Will Give You Temporary Boost
  • : by Dr. Adrian Pujayana