A Special Tribute to Jeanie Watkins Scheduled July 12

Letter to the Editor Recognizes her Many Contributions

Monterey Hill

A Tribute to Jeannie Watkins

 Ten years ago next month, South Pasadena lost a treasure – a wonderful mother, wife, friend, community volunteer, and leader – Jeannie Watkins.  For those who were privileged to know her, her passing was a shock and came with deep regret that our journey with her was over. It is hard to imagine that 10 years have since gone by.

 In talking recently with others who knew Jeannie, we have shared some of the many memories that often flood in. Her stamina and hard work were legendary – whether making and hanging the perfect booth signs the night before Fun Fair, or pulling every detail together for Monterey Hills’ promotion, or attending one more PTA council meeting, or producing the best event for one of her clients – one never heard Jeannie moan or complain. Her generosity was displayed over and over, but never more than when she received a SPEF phone bank call and said, “How ever much you need, you’ve got it!” The twinkle in Jeannie’s eyes and her keen sense of humor were adored by many. She found fun in the mundane and brought us all along for the ride. And Jeannie’s devotion to her family moved us all. Michael, her pride and joy, was often the topic of conversation. And David, with whom she shared many wonderful years together, was her rock.

 Jeannie’s life touched us all, and her death changed us. At her memorial service in the fall of 2003, we were urged to “go make a difference in the world.” Many of us have tried to do just that, with Jeannie’s devotion in our hearts, her energy in our steps. To honor our dear friend, we will gather on Friday, July 12 at 6 p.m. to spend time with one another, and with David and Michael, and to share memories of Jeannie. If you would like to join us, please email me at lisacavelier@gmail.com for details.

Lisa Cavelier


  • : Letter to the Editor Recognizes her Many Contributions